Ivybank Lodge Blairgowrie Perthshire

Our Finest Teas

Poor us having to drink all this tea! But after much deliberation, we have chosen our favourite ten and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.



Margaret’s Hope – Black Tea

The teas of the Darjeeling region are known as the “champagne of teas”. This tea is prized for its light and fruity taste and floral aromas. The Margaret’s Hope Estate is over 140 years old and produces some of the most popular Darjeeling teas.


Scottish Breakfast – Black Tea

Around 1840, a popular tea purveyor by the name of Drysdale advertised his own Breakfast tea in Edinburgh’s Lawnmarket. So popular was this blend, that breakfast tea blends quickly spread around the UK. Following the original Breakfast tea, Scottish Breakfast is a blend of China and Indian teas and has a rich classic Breakfast tea flavour.


Bancha – Green Tea

This intense golden-yellow bancha has a stronger taste than sencha and a delicate, fresh, straw-like fragrance. Bancha is picked from the same bushes as sencha but later in the summer and autumn, which gives it a rougher texture that results in higher concentrations of natural fluoride.


Blue Lady – Scented Black Tea

Our version of the classic Edinburgh Blue Lady tea. Exotic fruit flavours burst from this rich Ceylon tea. It is blended with blue corn flowers and yellow sunflowers for a striking appearance.


Chocolate Cherry – Scented Black Tea

A blend of rich black China tea with kirsch, chocolate chips and whole cherries — reminiscent of rich kirsch and chocolate gateau. The tea is finished with cherry blossoms giving it an elegant appearance.


Earl Grey – Scented Black Tea

The bergamot oil which gives Earl Grey its distinctive flavour comes from a small orange citrus fruit mainly grown in Italy. Our Earl Grey is made from a blend of China and Assam fine black teas.


Rose Petal Tea – Scented Black Tea

Fine Chinese black tea is placed between layers of rose petals so that it may absorb the sweet fragrance of the flowers.


Tarry Souchong – Smoked Black Tea

This is one of the most astounding smoky teas available. It is slightly richer than the classic Lapsang Souchong with a smoked wood flavour that joins with the rich tea tastes. This marriage creates a remarkable union of flavours.


Hibiscus – Infusion

A classic tangy and fresh infusion with hints of cranberry and redcurrant. Made from the sepals of the flower (a layer just below the petals). Hibiscus has a gorgeous rose pink colour.


Turkish Apple – Infusion

This infusion has a gorgeous, tangy, fresh apple scent and a crisp apple flavour. Naturally caffeine free, Turkish Apple is made from a mixed variety of cut apples. Please ask if you would like a touch of hibiscus added (called the “Pink Lady” blend) – this blend has a beautiful pink colour and an extra refreshing edge.